Friday, June 25, 2010

So much to talk about, I almost don't know where to start!

Another blog Drazil answers questions regularly on Fridays. I probably won’t be getting into the habit of it, but I really like the idea, so I thought I’d take the idea over here and answer them myself, just for fun. You know those surveys that started going (when email first came out) or on myspace and you’d sit there for 30 minutes answering questions about yourself? I loved those things! I even did some and then deleted them, knowing they exposed a whole new side of me that no one really knew. Lots of fun I tell ya! My husband always says I am easily entertained, and boy is that true.

1. Favorite outside activity: I absolutely love to be in the water. Swimming, floating, tanning, I don’t care. I just find it the most relaxing thing I can possibly do. We have a lake about 5 miles from our house that we used to go to when we had hot summers (haven’t been there in 3 years because the summers lately haven’t gotten hot at all) and we’d swim, then park ourselves on the beach with a beer and tan. Then go back in and swim when we got too hot and then tan again. Those days are the most relaxing I ever had. I miss that. I really hope the weather shapes up soon, so that we can go to the lake and the beach for the hot weather.
2. Favorite movies: Pride and Prejudice, Boondock Saints and Super Troopers. I know, it’s rude and crude and my husband thinks Super Troopers is stupid (which is really saying something) but I love it! He’ll watch the dumbest shows that it actually hurts to watch so I’ll read a book instead. But one of the few dumb movies that I really like, he can’t stand. LOL, it’s so funny watching his face when it’s on.

3. Plateaus: I’ve been very lucky that I haven't hit any plateaus so far, only small bumps. When I’m not applying myself as much, my weight goes up and down (with a downward progression). But I find that when I read blogs of people who have amazing success stories, it helps get me going again.

4. Tattoos: No tattoos, though my hubby and I keep both talking about getting on. Highly looked down upon by my mother which is probably a large part of the very reason I will get one someday. When I do, it'll be the latin word "Veritas" which means Truth, somewhere on my back where it could be covered up or exposed when I want to. (Also it's my favorite word!)

5. Favorite blog: My favorite blog is Lyn at Escape from Obesity who has done an amazing job losing weight and changing her lifestyle to be a healthy one. I really admire what she has done for herself!

I’m doing alright on the exercising. I’ve exercised 2 times this week so far, and will again this weekend. We’re leaving for the other side of the state on Sunday, so I’ll be officially on vacation which I’m totally stoked for. Right now, I have 7 and three-quarters hours left before I’m on vacation!!! Oh my gosh, this week has been dragging so bad that I feel like I’ll go crazy if I don’t get off soon.

I applied for a new job yesterday, with a referral from a friend of the family who’s fairly high up in their business. I’m really praying that I’ll get it. It’s got more responsibility, more to do throughout the day and the opportunity to advance, of which there is none at my current job. Literally, there is no place to move up from where I’m at. That’s probably part of why I’m going so crazy. The other departments got it into their heads that since I’m not as active as they are, they can bring their work projects up and have me do them for them. It’s like doing someone’s work, and then they get paid for it. I feel a little used and taken advantage of. Either way, if I can find a new position that’s better, I’ll grab at it with both hands and never let go.

As a nice highlight to the end of my blog, we had the most amazingly brilliant sunset this week, it looked like there was fire in the clouds, and my roommate got a picture of it. I have to share it because it’s incredible. I actually set it as my desktop background so I get to look at it every time I minimize a screen and feel like I’m home. That’s because this view is from our deck, looking west. Enjoy!


  1. Hey! I have a tattoo on my right ankle that is a Chinese symbol for truth. I'll have to take a photo sometime. I have a second one on my back -- it's the Celtic symbol for eternity. Got it with my hubby on our honeymoon, except his is on his leg and his is the Japanese symbol for eternity. (His mom is Japanese.)

  2. Gorgeous picture. Great job on's so fun to see everyone's answers.

  3. wow! Great picture! Have fun on your vacation! And good luck on the job! I hope you get it! I used to love to go to the beach or pool and just relax. But then the girls were born and that stopped for a while. But now they are getting bigger and they can come enjoy too(with lots of sunblock!!!) Take care Laura! Hope your weigh in next week is awesome!


  4. it was good getting to "know" you a little!