Monday, June 21, 2010

Busy week

I’ve been pretty sick for several days last week, hence no blog. However, it’s gone now and I’m back to my normal self. I did well eating the rest of last week. On Friday, I had the annual girl appointment, where their scale said I weigh 276 lbs. We’ll see, but I think I’m definitely making progress. Anyways, my totally awesome doctor and I decided I should do an HSG test (if you want to know, you’ll google it), as part of my fertility work-up, to see what’s up. I’m kind of nervous about this, as it makes the whole infertility thing seem more real. And again brings back the thought of “I never thought I’d have to deal with this”. I’ve definitely been doing better, not feeling quite so down when I’m surrounded by babies, and not thinking about how unlucky I am, but for some reason, last night it hit me harder than a mac truck. Poor Jeff.

I went shopping again on Saturday, and picked up lots of goodies, (read: healthy food), and am back on track. I’ve been slacking a lot on the lifestyle change. I haven’t packed my lunch intentionally for about 2 months. I’d just grab a couple of things out of the fridge on my run out the door. So last night, I pulled out my little menu and packed my lunch. Who deserves a pat on the back?

And I discovered a new yogurt, that’s even better than the old one. The old one was a store brand, $0.39 for 6 ounces, 150 calories and 3 ww points. A little higher than I really wanted, but I’m very picky about my yogurt, and the other cheap one with lower carbs and higher fiber was really thick and kind of nasty. So Jeff got to finish those. The new yogurt is $0.49 each, with 80 calories and 2 ww points, and it tastes just like the old yogurt. The texture is so perfect, and they have some really cool and unusual flavors, like Lemon Chiffon, Pineapple coconut, etc. (Oh, and it’s called Dannon Light & Fit). I love that it lowers my calories and points a little bit.

Last week, Jennifer challenged me. She noticed that I’d been slacking on my exercising, and challenged me to exercise for 30 minutes 4 times in one week. In the last week, I did water aerobics, walked for 45 minutes, mowed the lawn for an hour (we only have a push mower, and some serious hills so it’s a huge workout) and tonight I’m doing water aerobics again. There’s four. Let’s see how my weight is doing tomorrow!

And for Father's Day yesterday, my sister and I decided we'd have dinner for him with all the sibs. I made my amazing pasta and tomato sauce with meatballs, and we had the garlic bread and salad, etc. Oh, and cake. It was different for me; unintentionally, I ate my beans, salad and meatballs first, then I picked at my pasta and ate about half of it before I was really stuffed. So I stopped! What a victory! I love it when you eat and you obey what your body is telling you. It makes things so much easier. (And bonus, my Mom sees all that's left on my plate and thinks I'm REALLY REALLY DIETING. Points for me).

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  1. Laura-yaay! I was thinking about you the past few days wondering if you were exercising and maybe even cursing me out while doing so! hehe. But great job with your 4 times this week. I saw you posted so I am going to go check it out and see how you have done. I cant wait to see what the scale shows for you this week!!! Keep it up girl. And if you want to do a 5K then I say do it. Walk it and prepare for that. I cant wait to do one. Too bad we didnt live closer :( (I posted this on my blog after your comment but didnt know ifyou would check back so I posted it here too!)

    Here is my thought on the infertility thing. It totally stinks and my heart goes out to you. But... Trish and I have had some serious conversations about this as she is struggling too. Soooo...Take on a new mindframe if you can. It totally stinks but make yourself a plan so that you are feeling like you are doing everything in your power to make it happen. Get the ball rolling and that sounds like exactly what you are doing and I am so proud of you. It may take a little more work than anticipated but the outcome will be worth it! Like you said, I bet it did hit you like a mack truck but take the positive out of that now...the ball is rolling to make this happen! yaaay! And I bet losing weight and exercise will only help you in your journey. You have come a long way physically and mentally so dont give up now!!!

    I just went back and read this and it sounded like I am telling you what to do. And that is not my intention at all. I am really not like that as a person. I just see how much it bothers you and I want to help. THAT is who I am. So please dont take any offense, just offering my thoughts and if you dont like them feel free to ignore!