Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The good and the bad.. and the painful

Over the weekend, I intentionally didn’t track my food, kind of a test to see how I’m doing on my own, and while I ate a little more than I normally do when I’m absolutely doing healthy, I didn’t do badly! So I don’t know my exact calorie counts, but I can guess they were probably around 18-1900-ish.

On Sunday morning, weight watchers has been toting their “walk-it challenge” which is basically a walking 5k. Their aim is to get people moving. I was planning on it because while I know I can go a 5k just fin (I do it all the time for evening exercise), I wanted the certificate that you get, kind of proof that I did it and another mission accomplished through weight watchers. At my meeting last week, our leader said it was from 10-2 at the Beaverton Center, which is kind of a weight watchers multiplex.

On Saturday we went to a friend’s wedding at a beautiful Cathedral in Portland. The building was a true statement of the glory given to God. What a great statement!

Anyways, I got a great new dress and shoes for the wedding. After it was over, we went to the reception where the only parking spot was about 4 blocks away, and in walking I discovered a raw spot on the side of my foot where my cute new shoes were rubbing. It was quite painful, and by the time we left, I took my shoes off because it was less painful to walk on concrete barefoot than to wear those shoes. Oh well, at least I looked cute.

So I’m having a sucky shoe week. Due to my raw spot which decided to become inflamed and infected, I have been trying out several different shoes in the morning to find a pair that hurts the least because they all seem to push right on that spot. Yesterday’s shoes were strangely too big and because they were heels, every step I took made them bend down in the middle. And they were ugly. What I was thinking when I bought them years ago, I do not know, but I do remember why they’ve been sitting on my closet floor all these years. Time to get rid of them. Today’s shoes had to be hot glued this morning in a hurry to make one of them wearable. It works for now, but it’s probably time to get rid of them too.

On Sunday morning, at 10 am, I woke up and decided to go back to sleep. I finally got up at 11 and as I’m slowly getting dressed and pulling on my shoes, my internal self is telling me that “I don’t want to go exercise on a Sunday morning. I mean who does that?!?!?!? You should just go back to bed so that this hung-over feeling goes away (I wasn’t actually hung-over), and then you could just snuggle with Jeff and stay in bed until all hours of the day”. I ignored that voice, and actually got my shoes on, found my hat (it was drizzling), got my sweatshirt and my freshly prepared Ipod (I had Jeff load a bunch of songs on it for me the night before) and was out the door. I drove 35 minutes, to get there at 11:40 AM and discover that the center. Was. Closed! There was no one there, or anywhere around, and no signs up, and it was weight watchers walk-it challenge day! I am so confused as to what happened. It’s possible they cancelled it due to the weather, but really?!? I mean I really dislike the wet weather, and I especially dislike being out in it, but I was there. Didn’t that say something? Anyways, I gave up and went home where I instead did 2 miles with Leslie. That was a real bummer, but I wasn’t going to go out in the rain if I wasn’t going to get a certificate for it.

On Monday, I did well, watched my points and calories just for fun, and stayed below 1600! YAY! And when I got home last night, I made a rub for a chicken and shoved it all under the skin. It always makes me feel so housewifely when I do this. Like I’m a culinary whiz. Which I’m not. I’m a good cook, but not a whiz. Anyways, I threw the chicken into the crockpot on high until 11:30 and then snacked on it for 5 minutes until Jeff took away my spoon. (It was truly delicious, and it was possible, like he said, that I could eat the whole chicken and he wouldn’t get any). But he saved it just in time and we’ll be having “baked” chicken for dinner tonight. I’m really looking forward to it.


  1. Ok the walk was on the 5th of June which was Saturday. you were a day late and a dollar short.LOL Sorry I did it out here in UT.smile.

  2. Too bad that the walk was cancelled - that is so weird??!! Glad you got the two miles in though!

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