Monday, October 11, 2010

Le sigh

I am so stressed! First off, the good news. I have tracked everything I’ve eaten for the last 7 (plus today so far) days, and am doing well at paying attention to what I’ve been eating. I wasn’t able to exercise this weekend, but I’ll get into that. For a nice change, I feel on top of my game, which makes me feel even more motivated to keep it up.

Every so often, I do some caregiving for a couple of elderly people. It helps with the money, but I also mostly enjoy it. This weekend, Friday night to Sunday evening, I stayed at a woman’s house near my work to take care of her. I was in for a bit of a shock though because she had been failing pretty badly last week, and had just gotten on hospice earlier Friday. She was in a hospital bed all weekend, and us caregivers made sure to make her comfortable and try to feed her, give her water, etc. She’s such a sweet thing, I’ll miss her. Then I got home on Sunday, and got a phone call from the daughter of another woman I occasionally care give for (and was going to take care of her this coming Friday) and she told me that Iris had a stroke last week, and had some bleeding in her brain. She could talk fine, with sentences occasionally mumbled, but sounds like she’s going downhill as well. It’s possible that she will be put on hospice when she comes home from the hospital this week. And last, my great uncle has cancer all over his body and has been on hospice for awhile now. The family was looking for caregivers, and I’ve volunteered for that, so I’ll be taking care of him for a couple of evenings a week, and maybe sometimes on the weekends. So you can see why my weekend was stressed.

I’m also dealing with some old roommate drama that just plain pisses me off. The last one, who moved out about 3 months ago now is a completely different person than I’d ever thought she was. We had been friends since high school; I helped her move out of her parents house when things got really turbulent for her, I drove her around to help her find a job and even gave a reference so she could get a job on the campus where I work.

While we lived together, after Jeff and I got married, we got an internet service, where you plug the modem in, (don’t know computers that well) and after a month, we agreed to put her on as well, to help both of us save money. Now, she refuses to return the modem, despite that she was leasing it from us, via the provider. They’re trying to charge us for it monthly, and we’re really fighting it, but it’s definitely getting old. We communicated several times, trying to explain that she didn’t own it, and she still refused to return it. Now, I threatened to file a police report if it doesn’t get returned, because it is registered on our property and she took it off of the property.

Then her daddy got involved and really pissed me off, accusing me of lying to her and changing the terms (of what, I know not), and trying to over charge her. I guess the part of me that is most disappointed is that she is behaving just as her family does. Sadly, they have no problem using and taking advantage of others (this is a fact, not me making anything up) and now she’s doing the same thing. I always thought better of her than this.

[sigh] Sometimes, it really would be easier to be a cynic about people in the world, but I simply can’t be that way. I have too much faith in mankind. I hope someday she regrets how she treated me, and realizes the kind of person she’s turned into before it’s too late to turn back.

Ok, I’m done, and I feel a bit better. Whew!

Back onto the exercising this week. Water aerobics tonight, YAY!


  1. So sorry to hear of your patients who aren't doing so well. My uncle died last week and it's been a pretty emotional time for my family. He was sick for a long while, but in the last 3 weeks he went down hill pretty fast. Life's hard sometimes, but we just have to know that they'll no longer her suffering. :-)

  2. drama is awful. and yes, venting does make us feel better!!!


  3. sounds like you need to cut ties with this woman. why not ask your company what other options you have. it might be worth looking into replacing the modem completely than to deal with all the drama. Modems arent really that expensive (averaging from 20-80 bucks) and it could save you lots in the long run. I'm guessing if this continues it might end up in court (ugh) and thats another stress you dont need.

    Tell the company the situation and hopefully, everyone can come out win-win. I've had people like that in my life too. Best thing is to cut them loose, don't let them bring you down. She will get what she deserves in the end. Everyone does.