Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Alot of random thoughts

The last week has been pretty busy for me. We had three birthdays in my immediate family. A younger sister on Thursday, My 28th on Friday and my older brothers 30th yesterday. We’ve always done a special family dinner for our birthdays and decided to have one big birthday party on my birthday for all three of us. (The cakes I made were fabulous looking and soo delicious, but luckily I controlled myself and had a very slim slice of each.

But then my sister still wanted to have her birthday on Thursday, since it actually was her birthday and otherwise would not be celebrating on the actual day, so we had dinner and a dessert at my Mom’s house that night too. Then on Saturday, they got some carne asada and cooked it on the bbq which was absolutely delicious. All in all, I don’t think I’ve overeaten too much over the last week, but I didn’t track because its hard to track something you didn’t make, and you actually don’t completely know what’s in it. For the most part, I didn’t go back for leftovers at all, and did eat slowly, so hopefully stayed within reason.

Yesterday, I walked in my living room, counting my steps for a minute every so often, and walked a really good, albeit quite fast pace for 31 minutes. I’m planning on doing something again tonight, to help get back on track. I think the more often you exercise, the easier it is to get motivated to exercise. A couple of months ago, when I was exercising almost daily, I was sticking to a schedule, and after 2 weeks, it seems that getting myself to motivate and go wasn’t nearly as hard.

Jeff was gone at clinical last night, so I was bored and alone, and didn’t get more than 1 thing done on my list of things to do, and that 1 thing was only because it’s dangerous. We have a bee problem; it seems they’ve built their next between the edge of a brick wall and our house. We’ve sprayed that stuff on them twice now, Jeff from one side and me from the other, but they still seem to be coming back. So the errand last night was to get more bee spray so we could do it again when Jeff got home, which we did. Unfortunately, we’re now thinking they may have built up into the roof a little, and so now we might be really screwed. The worst part is this spot is 1 foot away from the front door, so every time I leave the house, or get out of my car, I’m saying my hail mary’s that I don’t get attacked or stung. It’s worked so far, but it’s still a really bad place for the little bas*ards. And we’ll get them some time.

I’ve decided to get a pedometer. I know that when I used one before, I was getting about 3-5,000 per day, which is low because my job is very sedentary, and that after seeing it so low, I’d take my 10 minute break walking around the building to rack up a couple hundred more. I remember my disbelief when I finally went above my 10,000 prescribed steps a few times. It was great, and probably so great for me, so I’m going to see about getting one that works.

So I have a question then. When I first got a pedometer, I put it at my waist and it was really uncomfortable because of my stomach protrusion. I tried it on my right shoe, but I don’t really think it was accurate. I don’t have pockets in my workpants, and I’m at a loss where else I can put it that will be accurate but comfortable. Do you have any suggestions?

Tonight I have my weigh-in at weight watchers. For the last two days, I’ve been debating going to the meeting but not getting weighed-in. I felt like I needed the support of the meeting, but that I didn’t want to weigh-in. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it) I realized that I just didn’t want to see the truth, that my weight will likely be up, and since when have I ever run from the truth?!? Never really. I’ve always been one to own up to it, accept it and change what I have to change. So now that I’m actually facing it here, I will be going to the meeting, and I will be getting weighed, to see how far off track I am. Thanks you guys!

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  1. Good choice to get weighed. Funny how our minds think isnt it? I am the same way and have these internal battles all the time! Way to own up and face the music.